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man people surprise the shit out of me was alright i guess...i started some shit with this stupid bitch at the mall..actually i didnt start it..she did but i finished it..fucking skanch..i was walking and she was in front of me and she just stopped right in the way and started talking to her friends and i couldnt get i go "excuse you think you can move and let people get around you?" and she was like "do what?" i repeated myself in a condescending tone..and she turned around and started talking to her friends like i wasnt even i tapped her shoulder abruptly and go "excuse me, but can you move your fucking skank-ass self out of the way..or do i need to move you myself??" and she goes.."excuse me?" so i just ran her ass over..and stepped right on her fucking shoes and said "never fucking fucking dumb ass whore.." and she was all mouthing about it with her people get on my nerves sometime...grrrr....anyhoo...i guess thats it for now..
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