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my dreams...

it was a cool damp, joie, autumn, & summer decided to go rollerblading..during our excursion we ran into a bunch of guys rollerblading as well..while those three were talking to them..among other things..i kept about my merry i went down an alley..humming a tune from stabbing westward..i noticed an old antique store..i went inside after taking my rollerblades sson as i walked in..i heard a crash from i looked out the window..i saw that a car had hit another car head attention was caught when a young lady said " may i help you?" as i turned, to my amazment the store transformed into a gothic store..i looked at the girl and she was all dressed in cape, black dress, black boots..her makeup and hair were she gazed at me i felt a chill as though i knew her from somewhere.."look around, you might find something that interests you" i began looking..the store was was draped in black velvet curtains..chandeliers..candles were the left of me was a huge gothic book shelf filled with books..i began rummaging through them..and found many that caught my eye..the covers were unbelievable..dark and drew me in..i asked how much they were..the lady replied " theyre price" i grabbed the books and handed them to her..she bagged them up in a black velvet bag..and led me to another part of the store..this section was full of clothes, candles and incense..i picked out lots of candles and incense that suited my taste..she again bagged them up for i stood breathlessly before my was long, black with red a juliet pattern..the lady saw my amazement and took it off the hanger and began unzipping it.."try it on" "its your size..everything is your size" so i slid out of what i was wearing and tried it on..she then handed me these fishnet stockings..i put them on as well..she smiled..and handed me these thigh high black boots..them led me to this full length pewter mirror..and proceeded to take a picture of me..with all the bags of things and everythign i was wearing..the image in the mirror was amazing i was so beautiful.."shall i bag this stuff as well?" i just nodded..she bagged the dress the shoes the mirror everything that i liked..i left the store with bags and bags of goodies..i strapped on the rollerblades..and headed to summer and autumns..since it was pitch black outside..i watched the full moon on my way i got there they all started yelling at me..they were mad cause i left and they thought i was kidnapped..then they saw the bags and wanted to know what i got..when they saw everything they asked how i got the money for it all..i told them that it was they wante to go..well the phone rang and it was nick(bf) he was on his way to pick me i got in my dress and everything to show it off to him..when he pulled up i ran outside to show it off..he gave me a different look than i expected..he asked me where i got it..and all kinds of ubsurd i told him that if he didnt like it that he had to get over it..(which isnt like me)he then proceeded to tell me that he didnt like i was like "get over it" and he told me that he was going to take me back to the i was like i started to take off all the clothes..then my mood changed drastically..and i began apoligizing and told him to take me to his we turned around and got at his house..when we stepped on the porch the phone began to ring..he rushed to open the door and get it..he got to it and to his surprise it was for was the lady from the store..she was tellin me that she had a new shipment i told her i would be right i strapped on the rollerblades and went back..nick was pissed at me but i went anyway..i didnt know it but he was followin i neared the store the sun began to rise..i went into the store and nick stopped outside.."your back" a voice from behind said.."yes wheres the new shipment?" i asked.."right here" and she pointed to the counter..pewter scupltures were the first thing to catch my eye..she bagged them up for me..then i saw edgar allan poe books..tons of them..i grabbed them she bagged those..then again there was a beautiful was black, ong sleeved,trimmed in red..and had a lifelike emblem of the word evil on the front..on the back were attached these huge black wings..she told me to try it i did..i loved it so she bagged it i went to walk out the door she grabbed my shoulder.."you forgot something" then she handed me an envelope.."whats this?"i asked.."youll see" in i went outside and as soon as i did..nick grabbed me "where were you?" he asked..and i told him "in the store" and turned around to point..nothing was there..just a lot..dumbfounded he took me to the was there that i remebered about the i opened it and inside were i began looking through them..i noticed that they were of me and the things i got..and in each picture it looked as if i was missing something..each time something more..until i reached the last picture..i let out a scream..and the pictures suddenly hit the car seat..the top picture revealing a black figure with fluffy black wings and evil along the front...
the end...
thats it..can you imagine having that as a dream..i woke up all confused and lost..thinking i was dead..wierd shit..hmm..give me your i said i have already analyzed this with my counciler but id like your opinions..
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