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what was in gods head..

well..i was recently inspired by a fellow write a journal about my here goes..i wonder what was in gods head when he created man and woman..really? i mean we are so are mainly self-centered..they are only worried about their problems and when they've had a bad day they think that noone elses day was as not saying this about all men..but the majority..and woman are more worried about how their mens day was and they tend to put their problems on hold more..whether its for their children, their bfs, their husbands, or even employees..and i was telling my bf that after him im seriously going straight lesbian..i dont want another man..women know women..and noone really knows a man..but another man..thats why im not understanding gos philosophy on this matter..i mean obviously men are more compatable with men and women with women..were more emotional and caring..where as men are more self-centered and egotistical..the only way we fit, really, is the "plumbing"..seiously, i just dont understand it..but i guess its not for me to understand..but oh well..i guess that my thought for the would be nice..especially you..revderek..
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