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damn talkshows..

well since ive been off from work..ive had a lot of time to watch daytime tv..including the infamous talkshows..well ive noticed that these damn talkshows are all about the same i would love to just be in the audience and speak my damn mind..especially about shows like todays..the praterninty test shows..where the girls come on saying "hes the only guy i was with..he took my virginity" and then the test shows that the guy cant possibly be the father and shes still like "hes the only one i slept with"..dumb bitch we know your not the virgin mary..dumbass..and thats not the worst part..i hate when the guys say "im 100% sure im not the babies father..we only slept together once" duh..what do the spermies not work the first time you sleep with a girl??cause god knows you didnt use a condom..your tto stupid for that if you dont even know that you can get a girl prego on the first try..dumb fuckers..and also the guys suck because they could be with the girl for like 4 years and then when the girl gets prego they all the sudden say "well i heard that you were sleeping with so and so..and your a i know the kids not mine..and its not possible..(even if we have been together for 4 years)"fucking retards..a friend of mine made a journal entry with condom slogans..which i really loved..and i just thought to myself why dont people just use them..if your going to fuck everyone..why not protect yourself..or fuck yourself..why not protect society from your stupid dumbass spawn who will prolly have tons of diseases and be a crack baby and have unprotected sex and carry on your lovely fucking name..gosh..too many people are having kids that dont need to be..but i have to disagree with you graveyrdflower..i think abortion is wrong..i think people use it as a means of birth control when the birth control should come first before the sex..i think they should outlaw it and consider it murder..except for if you are raped..i totally understand that..but i think that it should be outlawed..but i think that in order for them to do that they should change the law about having to have 2 kids or have severe female probs before you can get fixed..i think that if more people could get fixed they wouldnt care about the abortions..these people dont really want kids..thats obvious..and i dont like to hear sob stories about how some girl got prego and she just had to have an abortion cause she wasnt ready..well if your not ready for a kid..than either your not ready for sex..or your ready for fucking contraceptives..its that damn simple..and i know what its like..i hated using condoms with my bf(fiance) so we stopped.but im on birth control..and i also know that if i happen to get prego..i am ready to take that responsibility..whether i have a job right now or not..i would get one and take care of mine..and i wouldnt call her a mistake..or even think it..cause it wouldnt be..i am with the man that i love and i know if everyone would just fuck with contraceptives..or wait for love..or not whore around with 20 guys in 1 month..we wouldnt need paternity tests..we would fucking know who the father my advice is to keep 'em closed ladies..or know who your fucking and all of them..
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