angelina rayanne (goddess_oph) wrote,
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my entrance into the great lj..

heh..anyhoo..yeah this is kewl a newbie..and i have no friends..:(
someone needs to message me cause im kewl..
not much has happened here lately..i went was fun..yea..i went and saw scary movie in a fight with a girl..which was kewl..and thats about it...i havent eaten in the last few days either...
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i'm messaging you, because you're kewl...

and cute... heh ;)

i broke your comment hymen... does that mean i get something special?

i'll try and be gentle with you...

baby, it's alright... it only hurts the first time...
yeah ok..i know im kewl..hahaha..anyhoo..thanx
You need some grilled cheese if you haven't eaten in two days!!!
hehehe im just kidding..its just to get responses...and i could stand to not eat for a couple not fat..but im not anerexic either..i think thats right..and i dont like grilled cheese..hmmm but htanx for the comment..
There is something wrong with people who don't eat grilled cheese. I don't know about you?????
why? i just dont like to clog my asshole
Oh I see so I take it you are not into anal?
not really...although ive done it i dont like it..