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thoughts by candlelight..

well..this has been a good couple of and my man are doing ok about the not working sitch right now..and im doing good..ive been thinking alot though..about the past..alot of life isnt what i thought it would be..its nowhere close..but i havent tried..ive slacked and thought that id get what i want because i deserve it not because i worked for it..i was wrong..and now i have to work twice as hard to get there..i look at how my life has been and what i have become..its depressing to an extent..but helping also..because i know now what i have to do..this is a new beggining for me..i have given myself the chance to start over..and before its too in that im lucky..and i feel totally different compared to the last few so happy..just thought id update about the genisis..
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