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blah blah blah..

today has been blah..not too much has happened..i got this shit in the mail about a pill that makes you lose weight without even dieting or excercising..yeah right..and its only $100 a bottle..yeah rather be not so happy with my body and have money..thank you..i swear people will buy into anything these days..oh well..i have been working on some art and i can say its coming along great..i wish i could scan sdome and put them on my web page..but hmm..oh well..and yes i know ive been asked if i fight alot with girls..i really dont..but i did get into a confrontation again yesterday..when i went out..this one girl kept giving me dirty looks..and so i politely asked her what she was looking at..because i didnt want to jump to conclusions if she was looking behind me, right? so she just rolls her eyes..which was ok..but when my bf walked by she was all nice nice to this pissed me off..but im glad to say that i just blew her off and grabbed my mans ass and walked off..with her eyes glued to me in envy..hehehe..funny shit..anyhoo..i guess thats it for now..hopefully some life altering thing might inspire me to update again today..who knows..til then..
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